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ISLAM YANG MODERAT (Sebuah Representasi Islam Yang Sebenarnya)


Sebuah Representasi Islam Yang Sebenarnya

Saat ini, Islam merupakan agama yang memiliki perkembangan paling cepat di dunia. Semenjak terjadinya peristiwa 11 September yang menyebabkan Islam jelek dimata dunia, semenjak itu pula orang orang yang tidak mengerti tentang Islam mencari tentang Islam. Di Negara negara barat pun gerakan masyarakat yang mulai mencari tentang keislaman sudah mulai gencar. Read More…



Selasa, 12 Desember 06, detail klik di sini:

Sarana Untuk Membersihkan Harta dan Menyucikan Hati

Perhatikanlah Firman Allah subhanahu wata’ala artinya,
“Ambillah shadaqah (zakat) dari sebagian harta mereka, dengan shadaqah (zakat) itu kamu membersihkan dan menyucikan mereka, dan berdo’alah untuk mereka. Sesungguhnya doa kamu itu (menjadi) ketentraman jiwa bagi mereka. Dan Allah Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.” (QS. At-Taubah: 103)

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Just A Little Bit about Project for Indonesia Tax For Administration Reform (PINTAR)

Wow, This is it. One big leap from Miss Sri Mulyani as the ministry of finance. The new project for Indonesia Tax Reform, called “PINTAR” (in English : “Smart”). PINTAR is a kind of tax administration reformation project, continuing the preceeding project that held from 2002 – 2008.  This project approximately cost US$ 145 million, and financed by World bank that contain packacged system.

Unlike the preceeding tax reformation that only reformed the organization structure and the payroll system for the employee, PINTAR contains four main components (but its not water, earth, fire, and air like the Avatar cartoon). They are :

  1. Improvement of IT-based core tax system. Included in this project are improvement in e-registration, return processing, tax payer account, document management and systems architecture.
  2. Improvement of human resource management, covering improvement in remuneration system, training and education, job description, promotion system and recruitment
  3. Improvement of compliance management, covering enhancement of risk evaluation system, audit policy and taxpayer service.
  4. Management of change and implementation of PINTAR, covering the development of information for executives to undertake internal control, enhance internal compliance, quality guanrantee, and improvement of change management through technical assistances.

All of this project will be held from 2009-2013. Of course, Indonesia government has agreed for this issue and really really supported it. All of this wonderful step is aimed to increase the taxpayer compliance, increase Indonesia’s revenue from tax revenue, and improve good governance in tax administration system. Hopefully, the implementation of this project would be ongoing implementation. Not just warm warm chicken shit (you know, hangat hangat taik ayam)…

Not only as a fiscus, but also as a taxpayer,  together we can build and improve this beloved country


T. Qivi Hady Daholi

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